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The winner of the IMOCG 2022

The winner of the IMOCG 2022 is: Leendert Verduijn!

Leendert Verduijn

In the final he competed against Nicola Dolci from Italy who won the second prize and Diederik Blankesteijn who received the third prize.

With his first place Leendert Verduijn won an amount of 5000 euro, offered by the Prince Claus Conservatoire, and invitations to come and play on the organs in the Martinikerk, in Haarlem and in Nijmegen. For Nicola Dolci’s second place there was a prize of 3000 euro, offered by an heirs foundation, and invitations to come and play on organs in Rotterdam, Leeuwarden and Roden. Diederik Blankesteijn won with his third place an amount of 2000 euro, offered by Otto Wassenaar Ingenieurs.

Diederik Blankesteijn, Nicola Dolci, Leendert Verduijn

This brings the IMOCG to an end. We will now look forward to the Schnitgerfestival in 2023 (19 to 22 October) and then again to the IMOCG 2024 (28 July to 3 August).

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