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Lutherse Kerk

The Edskes organ in the Lutherse Kerk was inaugurated in 2017. Bernhardt Edskes based his design on the baroque organ that stood in this church between 1699 and 1896, and which was built by Arp Schnitger. It was a two-manual instrument with a great organ and a swell division that was extended with a free pedal in 1717. In 1896 this organ was replaced by a new one, built by the firm of Van Oeckelen. This organ is still there and functional, but is stylistically less suitable for the rich music practice that has been employed by the Luthers Bach Ensemble since the beginning of this century.
It was Edskes who took up the challenge of reconstructing the Schnitger organ on the east choir gallery. He did not have much information to work with; only the disposition and some measurements could be found, recorded by Schnitger himself. Edskes eventually used the Schnitger organ (1711) located on the German island of Pellworm to provide a design for the facade of the new organ, as this organ seemed to be the best fit in terms of style and dimensions. However, a few modifications and enhancements were madeĀ for usability. An important addition, for example, is the continuo console for the cantor-organist.

X Sluiten