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In the Pelstergasthuiskerk we find a beautiful two-manual organ that was originally built in 1627. The maker was probably Anthoni Waelckens; of the pipe work added by him probably only a few remnants have been preserved.
In 1693 and in 1712 the organ was substantially rebuilt by Arp Schnitger (he built a new Positive and a new great organ) and again in 1774 by organ builder Albertus Anthonie Hinsz, who enlarged the organ and moved it to the west wall. The organ is now identified as a Schnitger-Hinsz organ.

In the 19th century the organ was worked on by father and son Freytag and by Petrus van Oeckelen. The current fa├žade pipes were made by the latter. After a proposal by Van Oeckelen’s son in 1916 to completely replace the organ, which fortunately was not honored, some minor changes were made in the 20th century.
In 1989/91 the Bakker & Timmenga company carried out a larger restoration, in which the situation of 1774 served as a starting point.

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